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Tastatura laptop Dell XPS 13 7390 9357 9370 9380 7200 2in1 no frame backlit

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Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models:

Dell XPS 13 7390 9357 9370 9380 7200 P82G001 P82G002 P82G003 13-7390 13-9380 13-9370

Dell Latitude 7200 2 in 1

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: 0FXCRT PK1320C1B01 NSK-EN1BC 0K2NCP 06Y7DJ 6Y7DJ

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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