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Tastatura laptop ASUS F52 K50 K50C K50IJ K50IN

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Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models Asus:

Asus F52 K50 K50C K50IJ K50IN Asus F52A F52K F52Q K50A K50AB K50AD K50AE K50AF K50E K50i K50iD K50ID K50IE K50iE K50iJ K50IL K50iL K50iN K50IP K50iP K50X K50ZE K51 K51A K51AB K51AC K51AE K51C K51E K51EA K51i K51iO K51N K51X K51XA K51Xi K60 K60i K60I K60IC K60IJ K60iJ K60IL K60iN K60XI K61 K61i K61iC K61IC K61L K61LC K62 K62F K62J K62JR K70 K7010 K70A K70AB K70AC K70AD K70AE K70AF K70AS K70AW K70i K70IC K70iC K70iD K70IJ K70iJ K70iL K70IO K70iO K70Y K70YD K70YT P50 P50i P50IJ P50iJ P50iN P50U Pro79 Pro79A Pro79AB Pro79AC Pro79AD Pro79AE Pro79AF Pro79i Pro79iC Pro79iD Pro79iJ Pro79iO X5 X5A X5AV X5AVc X5AVn X5B X5BTp X5BVF X5BVN X5C X5CQ X5D X5DA X5DAB X5DAD X5DAF X5DC X5DE X5DI X5DID X5DIE X5DIJ X5DiJ X5DIL X5DIN X5DIP X5DX X5E X5EA X5EAC X5EAE X5G X5GA X5GAG X5GAT X5GV X5GVG X5GVT X5i X5iB X5iBY X5iD X5iDE X5iDR X5iDY X5iF X5iiN X5iJ X5iJB X5iJC X5iJE X5iJK X5iJR X5iJT X5iJU X5iJV X5iN X5J X5Ji X5JiJ X5JX X5K X5KF X5KJ X5KJC X5L X5LDA X5LJ X5LJT X5LJU X5LJV X5M X5MD X5MDA X5ME X5MF X5MJ X5MJC X5MJE X5MJF X5MJG X5MJH X5MJL X5MJN X5MJQ X5MJR X5MJT X5MJV X5MJX X5MN X5MS X5MSD X5MSL X5MSM X5MSN X5MSQ X5MSV X5MT X5MTA X5MTK X5MV X5OIJ X5P X5PE X5PS X5PSJ X5R X5RE X70 X70A X70AB X70AC X70AD X70AE X70AF X70E X70F X70FV X70I X70iC X70iD X70IJ X70iJV X70iL X70IO X70iS X70K X70KR X70L X70S X70SE X70SR X70Z F52q F90 K50I K70ID K72 X50IJ K50ZE. F K K60IN P X X60 X51 Pro Pro5 Pro5DIJ Pro5DIN Pro5DAB Pro66 pro66ic pro79A Pro79I K50IJ-C1 K50IJ-RX05 K50IJ-SX K51AC-SX038V K72J K72F K72DR N60 N60DP-JX012V F52J F52S F90SV K50AC K50AF-SX018D K50IO K50LJ K51IO K60D K60DP K62C K62S K70I K70IC-TY043R K70IL K70SC K71 K72DY K72JB K72JK K72JR K72JT K72JU PRO66 PRO66IC X5AC X5DAE X70IC X70IL K50 X5DI K50AB K70 X5IC X5DC X66IC K50IN K70IN K50IE K50E K51 K60 K50X K50A K50AB K50IJ K50ID K50IN K61 K62 K71 K72 X66IC X5D

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: V111452CK2 664000660059 04GNV91KRU00 04GNVK5KRU01 MP-07G73SU-5283 MP-07G73RU-5283 V090562BK1 V090562BS1 0KN0-EL1RU01 V111452CS2 RU NSK-UGQ01 V090562AS1 V111462CS2 0KN0-E03US23 0KN0-EL1RU02 0KN0-RL1RU01 664000660074 0KN0-G31USN1 04GNX31KUS01 04GNQW1KUS00 04GNV33KUS04-3 04GNV91KAR00 04GNV91KBE00 04GNV91KBG00 04GNV91KBR00 04GNV91KCB00- 04GNV91KCF00 04GNV91KCH00 04GNV91KCZ00 04GNV91KFR00 04GNV91KFS00 04GNV91KGE00 04GNV91KGR00 04GNV91KHE00 04GNV91KHU00 04GNV91KIS00 04GNV91KIT00 04GNV91KJP00 04GNV91KKO00 04GNV91KND00 04GNV91KPO00 04GNV91KSF00 04GNV91KSK00 04GNV91KSP00 04GNV91KTA00 04GNV91KTU00 04GNV91KTU0 04GNV91KTW00 04GNV91KUI00 04GNV91KUK00 04GNV91KUS00 04GNV91KWB00 04GNVK5KUS10 04GNVK5KUS10-3 0KN0-EJ1US03 0KN0-EL1IT 0KN0-EL1IT01 0KN0-EL1US01 0KN0-EL1US02 0KN0-G31US11 70-NVK1K1000 70-NVK1K1100 70-NVK1K1200 70-NVK1K1300 70-NVK1K1400 70-NVK1K1500 70-NVK1K1700 70-NVK1K1800 70-NVK1K1900 70-NVK1K1A00 70-NVK1K1B00 70-NVK1K1C00 70-NVK1K1D00 70-NVK1K1E00 70-NVK1K1F00 70-NVK1K1G00 70-NVK1K1H00 70-NVK1K1I00 70-NVK1K1J00 70-NVK1K1K00 70-NVK1K1L00 70-NVK1K1M00 70-NVK1K1N00 70-NVK1K1O00 70-NVK1K1P00 70-NVK1K1Q00 70-NVK1K1R00 70-NVK1K1S00 70-NVK1K1T00 70-NVP1K1000P 70-NVP1K1100P 70-NVP1K1200P 70-NW91K1000 70-NW91K1100 70-NW91K1200 70-NX31K1000 70-NX31K1100 70-NX31K1200 70-NX31K1300 70-NX31K1400 70-NX31K1500 70-NXI1K1000 70-NXI1K1100 70-NXI1K1200 70-NXJ1K1000 70-NXX1K1000 70-NXX1K1100 70-NXX1K1200 9J.N2J82.Q01 MP-07G73US-5283 MP-07G76I0-5283 OKNO-EL1RU0209423018429 V1111462CS2 04GNV91KUS00-1 04GNV91KUS00-2 04GNV92KUS00-2 04GNX31KUS01-1 0KN0-EL1U0S 10152000441 10264003115 50-101085 OKNO-G31US11 V095662AS1 V111462CK2 US

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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