Tastatura laptop Dell Inspiron 14r N4110 M4110 N4050 M4040 15 N5040 N5050 M5040

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Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models:

DELL INSPIRON 14r N4110 M4110 N4050 M4040 15 N5040 N5050 M5040 M5040 M5050 N5040 N5050 0X38K3 N411Z 3520 14R 7420 14R (7420) M4040 M411R M4110 M5040 M5050 N311z 14z N411z 14z (N411z) N5050  M521R 4520 5425 M411R M421R

Dell Inspiron 15 3520 15 (3520) 5420 7420 7420 15R N5050 15R (N5050)

Dell Inspiron 13z N311z 13z (N311z) N4110 N4120 N4050 N5040 N5050 N411z

Dell Latitude 13 3330

Dell Vostro 1440 1445 1450 1540 1550 2420 2520 3350 3450 3460 3550 3555 3560 V131 V131D V131R 3559 V1450 V3450 V3550

Dell XPS 15 L501x L502X

Dell P11F P11F003 P13E P13E001 P13S P13S001 P16F P16F001 P16F002 P17S P17S001 P18F P18F001 P18F002 P18F003 P18F004 P18S P18S001 P19G P19G001 P20G P20G001 P20G002 P22G P22G001 P22G002 P22G003 P22G004 P23G P23G001 P24F P24F001 P25F P25F001 P25F002 P28F P28F003 P33G P33G001 P33G002 P34G P34G001 13z N311z 14 3420 5420 M4040 M4120 N4050 14R 7420 M4110 M411R M421R N4110 N4120 14z 5158 N411Z 15 3520 5537 M5040 M5050 N5040 N5050 15R 5520 7520 M521R N7520 SE 4520 5425 5525

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: NSK-DX0SQ AER011U00010 AER01U00210 0X38K3 PVDG3 0PVDG3 V119525BS MP-10K6 MP-10K63U4-442 MP-10K63US-442 0X38K3 065JY3 X38K3 0X38K3 0V76K4 0VG59V 0W9RV1 90.41D07.S01 AER01U00220 CN-0W9RV1 NSK-DX2BC PK130OC1B06 PK130OC1B18 PVDG3 V119525AS1 V119525BS1 W9RV1 065JY3 V119525AK1 MP-10K66GB-442 04341X NSK-DX0SW

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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