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Tastatura laptop Lenovo Thinkpad P50 P51 P70 P71 P52s

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Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models:

Lenovo Thinkpad P50 P51 P70 P71 P52s P50 (Type 20EQ) P70 (Type 20ES) P51 20HH 20HJ 20MM 20MN P71 20HK 20HL

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: 00PA247 SN20M15446 9a12h1y 01hw200 pyml-105us 00PA329 SN20K85154 00PA370 SN20M25773 01HW282 SN20K85114 00PA288 00PA247 00PA329 01ER977 01HW267 01HW282 01HW282 SN20M15446 00PA341

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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