Tastatura laptop HP Pavilion DV3-4000 DV3-4000b DV3-4100 DV-4200 DV3-4300 G32 PRESARIO CQ32 cu rama

217,41 lei TVA inclus


Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models:

HP PAVILION DV3-4000 SERIES DV3-4000SB DV3-4001TX DV3-4002TX DV3-4003TX DV3-4004TX DV3-4005TX DV3-4006TX DV3-4007TX DV3-4008TX DV3-4009EE DV3-4009TX DV3-4010EE DV3-4010EM DV3-4010SG DV3-4010SL DV3-4010TX DV3-4011TX DV3-4012TX DV3-4013TX DV3-4014TX DV3-4015TX DV3-4016TX DV3-4017TX DV3-4018TX DV3-4019TX DV3-4020EP DV3-4020SP DV3-4020TX DV3-4021TX DV3-4022TX DV3-4023TX DV3-4025ER DV3-4025TX DV3-4026TX DV3-4027TX DV3-4028TX DV3-4029TX DV3-4030ER DV3-4030TX DV3-4031TX DV3-4032TX DV3-4033TX DV3-4034TX DV3-4035TX DV3-4036TX DV3-4037EE DV3-4037TX DV3-4038EE DV3-4038TX DV3-4039TX DV3-4040EE DV3-4040EO DV3-4040TX DV3-4041TX DV3-4042TX DV3-4043TX DV3-4044TX DV3-4045EO DV3-4045TX DV3-4046TX DV3-4047TX DV3-4048TX DV3-4049TX DV3-4050EA DV3-4050EC DV3-4050EO DV3-4050EP DV3-4050ET DV3-4050EZ DV3-4050SS DV3-4050SY DV3-4050TX DV3-4051TX DV3-4052TX DV3-4053TX DV3-4054TX DV3-4055TX DV3-4056TX DV3-4057TX DV3-4058TX DV3-4059TX DV3-4060EE DV3-4060EO DV3-4060ES DV3-4060TX DV3-4061EE DV3-4061TX DV3-4062TX DV3-4063TX DV3-4064TX DV3-4065TX DV3-4066TX DV3-4070EE DV3-4070SS DV3-4071EE DV3-4080SS DV3-4000 DV3-4000B DV3-4007TX DV3-4036TX DV3-4042TX DV3-4048 DV3-4048TX DV3-4100 DV3-4200 DV3-4300 G32 G32-200  G32-300

HP PAVILION DV3-4100 SERIES DV3-4100EG DV3-4100ER DV3-4100SA DV3-4100SQ DV3-4101SL DV3-4101TX DV3-4102TX DV3-4103TX DV3-4104TX DV3-4105TX DV3-4106TX DV3-4107TX DV3-4108TX DV3-4109EE DV3-4109SE DV3-4109TX DV3-4110EE DV3-4110EJ DV3-4110EW DV3-4110SE DV3-4110TX DV3-4111TX DV3-4112TX DV3-4113TX DV3-4114TX DV3-4115TX DV3-4116TX DV3-4117TX DV3-4118TX DV3-4119TX DV3-4120EE DV3-4120SS DV3-4120TX DV3-4121SS DV3-4126TX DV3-4127TX DV3-4128TX DV3-4129TX DV3-4130SS DV3-4130TX DV3-4131TX DV3-4132TX DV3-4140ES DV3-4140SS DV3-4150EB DV3-4150EC DV3-4150ED DV3-4150EZ DV3-4150SO DV3-4150ST DV3-4151EO DV3-4151SZ DV3-4160EP DV3-4160ES DV3-4160SP DV3-4161SE DV3-4170SE DV3-4180EP DV3-4121TX DV3-4122TX DV3-4123TX DV3-4124TX DV3-4125TX

HP PAVILION DV3-4200 SERIES DV3-4201TX DV3-4202TX DV3-4203TX DV3-4204TX DV3-4205TX DV3-4206TX DV3-4207TX DV3-4208TX DV3-4209TX DV3-4210TX DV3-4211TX DV3-4212TX DV3-4213TX DV3-4214TX DV3-4215TX DV3-4216TX

HP PAVILION DV3-4300 SERIES DV3-4302EA DV3-4310EL DV3-4320ET 

HP COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ32 CQ42 G42 CQ42-100 CQ42-200 CQ42-300 CQ32-100 CQ32-200 

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: 584161-141 596262-001 608018-001 6037B0047201 6037B0047301 MP-09P23US-930 V115026AS1 MP-09P23US-930 KEYBOARDHP V110326AS1 V115026AS1 582373-001 582373-031 582373-041 582373-051 582373-061 582373-071 582373-131 582373-141 582373-171 582373-251 582373-281 582373-B31 584161-031 584161-041 584161-061 584161-071 584161-131 584161-141 584161-171 584161-251 584161-281 584161-B31 596262-001 6037B0043501 6037B0043502 6037B0043503 6037B0043504 6037B0043505 6037B0043506 6037B0043509 6037B0043518 6037B0043519 6037B0043522 6037B0043526 6037B0046101 6037B0047201 6037B00473 6037B0047301 608018-001 V110326AS1 V115026AS MP-09P23US-930 MP-09P23US-930 608018-001 596262-001

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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