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Laptop keyboard for Toshiba Tecra Z40 Z40-A Z40-B Z40-C Z40T-A Z40T-B NSK-V20UN backlit

890,00 lei TVA inclus


Laptop keyboard compatible with the following models: 

Toshiba Tecra Z40-A Z40-B Z40T-A Z40T-B Z40 NSK-V20UN Z40-AK01M Z40-AK03M Z40-AK05M Z40-C Z40t-A Z40t-B Z40t-C Z40A Z40-843N Z40-F487 Z40-AK Z40C Serie Z40-A-10K Z40-A-10T (PT44GE-00800HGR) Z40-A-10X Z40-A-110 Z40-A-111 Z40-A-113 Z40-A-119 Z40-A-11C Z40-A-11E Z40-A-11F Z40-A-11G Z40-A-11L Z40-A-11N Z40-A-11R (PT44GE-01R01DGR) Z40-A-11T (PT44GE-01S01DGR) Z40-A-11U Z40-A-11V Z40-A-11W Z40-A-11Z (PT44GE-01Q01DGR) Z40-A-120 (PT44GE-01V01DGR) Z40-A-121 Z40-A-122 Z40-A-123 Z40-A-126 Z40-A-127 (PT44GE-01N01DGR) Z40-A-12D Z40-A-12E Z40-A-12H Z40-A-12N Z40-A-12P Z40-A-12R Z40-A-12V (PT44GE-03D01DGR) Z40-A-12X Z40-A-12Z Z40-A-132 Z40-A-137 Z40-A-138 Z40-A-13C Z40-A-13H Z40-A-13K Z40-A-13L Z40-A-13Q Z40-A-13R Z40-A-13T Z40-A-140 Z40-A-145 (PT44FE-02Y00YGR) Z40-A-146 Z40-A-147 (PT44FE-02J00YGR) Z40-A-148 Z40-A-14E Z40-A-14G Z40-A-14K Z40-A-14M Z40-A-14N Z40-A-14P Z40-A-14Q Z40-A-14R Z40-A-14U Z40-A-14Z Z40-A-150 Z40-A-153 Z40-A-15C Z40-A-15D Z40-A-15F Z40-A-15G Z40-A-15V Z40-A-167 Z40-A-16C Z40-A-16D Z40-A-16Q (PT44FE-06G026GR) Z40-A-16U Z40-A-16V Z40-A-16Z Z40-A-170 Z40-A-173 Z40-A-176 (PT44FE-06S026GR) Z40-A-17J (PT44GE-09006UGR) Z40-A-17K Z40-A-17P Z40-A-17R Z40-A-17W Z40-A-180 Z40-A-182 (PT44GE-0C306UGR) Z40-A-187 Z40-A-188 Z40-A-18Q Z40-A-18R Z40-A-18T Z40-A-195 Z40-A-19C Z40-A-19D Z40-A-19E Z40-A-19G Z40-A-19K Z40-A-1C5 Z40-B-104 (PT45FE-003004EN) Z40-B-105 (PT45FE-004004EN) Z40-B-109 R30-A R30-A-14K R30-AK01B R30-A Z40-A  Z40-B Z40-C Z40t-A Z40t-B Z40t-C 9Z.NAYBN.001 9Z.NAYUN.001 G83C000EK3US G83C000E93U P000589740 NSK-V20BN NSK-V20UN

Keyboard compatible with part numbers: NSK-V20BN 9Z.NAYBN.01 9Z.NAYBN.001 9Z.NAYUN.001 G83C000EK3US G83C000E93US P000589740 NSK-V20UN 9Z.NAYUN.201 NSK-V22UN, 3DT0103971A, 41T0127035A, 4BNAY03001 4B NAY03.001 9Z.NAYBN.02M 2M 9Z.NAYBN.201 9Z.NAYBN.21D 9Z.NAYUN.00F Z.NAYUN.001 Z.NAYUN.01D G83C000E93US, G83C000EK3UE G83C00EK3US KL 01 1D NSK-V22BN NSK-V22UNNSK-V20BN

Please compare the image with your keyboard especially the connecting cable (ribbon) which may differ in position length and width. Make sure that the laptop model of the keyboard series and the layout (key layout) correspond to your requirements.

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