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Conector / Adaptor HDD HP G4-1000 G6-1000 G7-1000 Acer Aspire model R12 DD0R15HD000

71,64 lei TVA inclus


HDD Conection Cable compatible with the following models:

HP CQ42 CQ62 G42 G62 G56 G72 522M Q72C CQ43 110615AD06

HP Pavilion G4-1000 G6-1000  G6-1159SA G6-1371EA G7-1000

HP 2000 Series 6017B0362201 G6-2000 450 1000 2000

HP Pavilion G42 series: G42-400, G42-286
HP Pavilion G56 series: G56-129WM, G56-118CA
HP Pavilion G62 series: G62-200, G62-300, G62-224CA, G62-144DX, G62-145NR, G62-364DX, G62-3400S, G62T-350, G62-457DX
HP Pavilion G72 series: G72-200, G72-250US, G72-217CA, G72-227WM
HP Compaq CQ42 series: CQ42-126 CQ42-328
HP Compaq CQ43 series
HP Compaq CQ56 series: CQ56-100, CQ56-115DX
HP Compaq CQ62 series: CQ62-215dx, CQ62-230SL

Hp Pavilion G4-1000 G4-1000CTO G4-1001TU G4-1001TX G4-1002TU G4-1002TX G4-1003TU G4-1003TX G4-1004TU G4-1004TX G4-1005TU G4-1005TX G4-1006TU G4-1006TX G4-1007TU G4-1007TX G4-1008TU G4-1008TX G4-1009TU G4-1009TX G4-1010TU G4-1010TX G4-1010US G4-1011NR G4-1011TU G4-1011TX G4-1012BR G4-1012NR G4-1012TU G4-1012TX G4-1013TU G4-1013TX G4-1014BR G4-1014TU G4-1014TX G4-1015BR G4-1015DX G4-1015TU G4-1015TX G4-1016DX G4-1016TU G4-1016TX G4-1017BR G4-1017TU G4-1017TX G4-1018TU G4-1019TU G4-1019TX G4-1020BR G4-1020TU G4-1020TX G4-1020US G4-1021CA G4-1021TU G4-1021TX G4-1022CA G4-1022TU G4-1022TX G4-1023TU G4-1023TX G4-1024TU G4-1024TX G4-1025TU G4-1025TX G4-1026TU G4-1026TX G4-1027TU G4-1027TX G4-1028TU G4-1028TX G4-1029TU G4-1029TX G4-1030BR G4-1030TU G4-1030TX G4-1031TU G4-1031TX G4-1032TU G4-1032TX G4-1033TU G4-1033TX G4-1034TU G4-1034TX G4-1035TU G4-1035TX G4-1036TU G4-1037TU G4-1038TU G4-1038TX G4-1039TU G4-1039TX G4-1040BR G4-1040TU G4-1040TX G4-1041TU G4-1041TX G4-1042TU G4-1042TX G4-1043TU G4-1043TX G4-1044TU G4-1044TX G4-1045TU G4-1045TX G4-1046TU G4-1046TX G4-1047TU G4-1047TX G4-1048TU G4-1048TX G4-1049TU G4-1049TX G4-1050BR G4-1050TU G4-1050TX G4-1051DX G4-1051TU G4-1051TX G4-1051XX G4-1052TU G4-1052TX G4-1053TU G4-1053TX G4-1054TU G4-1054TX G4-1055TU G4-1055TX G4-1056TU G4-1056TX G4-1057TU G4-1057TX G4-1058TX G4-1059TX G4-1060BR G4-1060LA G4-1060TX G4-1061TX G4-1062LA G4-1063LA G4-1064LA G4-1065LA G4-1066LA G4-1067LA G4-1068LA G4-1069LA G4-1070LA G4-1071LA G4-1072LA G4-1075LA G4-1080LA G4-1085LA G4-1087LA G4-1088LA G4-1000 G4-1015DX G4-1017TU G4-1020US

Hp Pavilion G6 G6-1000 G6-1000TU G6-1001ED G6-1001EE G6-1001EM G6-1001EO G6-1001ER G6-1001ET G6-1001EV G6-1001EX G6-1001SA G6-1001SE G6-1001SG G6-1001SM G6-1001SQ G6-1001ST G6-1001SV G6-1001SX G6-1001SY G6-1001TU G6-1001TX G6-1002EM G6-1002EO G6-1002ER G6-1002EV G6-1002EX G6-1002SG G6-1002SM G6-1002SV G6-1002SX G6-1002SY G6-1002TU G6-1002TX G6-1003EG G6-1003EH G6-1003ER G6-1003EV G6-1003SG G6-1003SH G6-1003SO G6-1003SV G6-1003TU G6-1003TX G6-1004EM G6-1004EO G6-1004ER G6-1004EV G6-1004SA G6-1004SL G6-1004SO G6-1004SV G6-1004TU G6-1004TX G6-1005ED G6-1005EM G6-1005EO G6-1005ET G6-1005EX G6-1005EZ G6-1005SD G6-1005SG G6-1005SL G6-1005SQ G6-1005ST G6-1005SW G6-1005SX G6-1005TU G6-1005TX G6-1006EH G6-1006EO G6-1006EV G6-1006EX G6-1006EZ G6-1006SG G6-1006SH G6-1006SO G6-1006SQ G6-1006SV G6-1006SX G6-1006TU G6-1006TX G6-1007EV G6-1007EX G6-1007SA G6-1007SG G6-1007SL G6-1007SO G6-1007SQ G6-1007SV G6-1007SX G6-1007TU G6-1007TX G6-1008EH G6-1008EM G6-1008EO G6-1008EQ G6-1008EV G6-1008EX G6-1008SG G6-1008SH G6-1008SM G6-1008SQ G6-1008SV G6-1008SX G6-1008TU G6-1008TX G6-1009EA G6-1009EX G6-1009SA G6-1009SG G6-1009SQ G6-1009SX G6-1009TU G6-1009TX G6-1010EA G6-1010EC G6-1010ED G6-1010EG G6-1010EM G6-1010EP G6-1010ET G6-1010EX G6-1010SA G6-1010SC G6-1010SD G6-1010SJ G6-1010SL G6-1010SM G6-1010SS G6-1010ST G6-1010TU G6-1010TX G6-1011EX G6-1011SG G6-1011SL G6-1011SS G6-1011SX G6-1011TU G6-1011TX G6-1012EM G6-1012EX G6-1012SA G6-1012SG G6-1012SQ G6-1012SS G6-1012SX G6-1012TU G6-1012TX G6-1013EQ G6-1013SA G6-1013SG G6-1013SQ G6-1013SS G6-1013TU G6-1013TX G6-1014EO G6-1014EX G6-1014EZ G6-1014SA G6-1014SX G6-1014TU G6-1014TX G6-1015EE G6-1015EJ G6-1015ET G6-1015EV G6-1015EW G6-1015EZ G6-1015SE G6-1015SG G6-1015SJ G6-1015SL G6-1015SQ G6-1015ST G6-1015SV G6-1015TU G6-1015TX G6-1016EE G6-1016EH G6-1016EO G6-1016EQ G6-1016EX G6-1016SE G6-1016SH G6-1016SQ G6-1016SX G6-1016TU G6-1016TX G6-1017EE G6-1017EH G6-1017EO G6-1017EZ G6-1017SE G6-1017SH G6-1017SO G6-1017TU G6-1018EG G6-1018EO G6-1018SH G6-1018SX G6-1018TU G6-1018TX G6-1019EG G6-1019EO G6-1019SX G6-1019TU G6-1019TX G6-1020EC G6-1020EE G6-1020EJ G6-1020EP G6-1020ET G6-1020EX G6-1020SA G6-1020SE G6-1020SJ G6-1020SL G6-1020SS G6-1020ST G6-1020SW G6-1020SX G6-1020TU G6-1020TX G6-1021EE G6-1021EG G6-1021EV G6-1021SA G6-1021SC G6-1021SE G6-1021SG G6-1021SL G6-1021SV G6-1021TX G6-1022EE G6-1022SE G6-1022SG G6-1022SL G6-1022TX G6-1023SA G6-1023SG G6-1023TX G6-1024SG G6-1024TX G6-1025EE G6-1025EJ G6-1025ET G6-1025EW G6-1025SE G6-1025SF G6-1025SG G6-1025SJ G6-1025ST G6-1025TX G6-1026EE G6-1026EG G6-1026ET G6-1026EX G6-1026SE G6-1026ST G6-1026SX G6-1026TX G6-1027EE G6-1027EI G6-1027ER G6-1027ET G6-1027EX G6-1027SE G6-1027SI G6-1027SR G6-1027SX G6-1027TX G6-1028EE G6-1028EG G6-1028ET G6-1028SE G6-1028SG G6-1028SR G6-1028ST G6-1028TX G6-1029ER G6-1029EX G6-1029SX G6-1029TX G6-1030EE G6-1030EF G6-1030ET G6-1030EW G6-1030SE G6-1030SF G6-1030SJ G6-1030SS G6-1030ST G6-1030TX G6-1031EE G6-1031EG G6-1031SE G6-1031TX G6-1032EE G6-1032EG G6-1032SE G6-1032SF G6-1035EO G6-1035ET G6-1035EX G6-1035SG G6-1035ST G6-1035TX G6-1036EO G6-1036EX G6-1036TX G6-1037EX G6-1037TX G6-1038TX G6-1039TX G6-1040EB G6-1040EE G6-1040EF G6-1040EJ G6-1040EO G6-1040ES G6-1040ET G6-1040EV G6-1040EW G6-1040EX G6-1040SE G6-1040SF G6-1040SJ G6-1040SO G6-1040SP G6-1040SS G6-1040ST G6-1040SV G6-1041EE G6-1041EF G6-1041EX G6-1041SE G6-1041SF G6-1042EE G6-1042EF G6-1042SE G6-1042SF G6-1043EX G6-1043SX G6-1044EX G6-1044SX G6-1045ED G6-1045EE G6-1045EF G6-1045EJ G6-1045ET G6-1045EV G6-1045SD G6-1045SE G6-1045SF G6-1045SJ G6-1045ST G6-1045SV G6-1045SX G6-1046EE G6-1046EF G6-1046EJ G6-1046EX G6-1046SE G6-1046SF G6-1046SJ G6-1047EE G6-1047EF G6-1047EJ G6-1047EX G6-1047SE G6-1047SF G6-1047SJ G6-1047SX G6-1048EE G6-1048EJ G6-1048EX G6-1048SE G6-1048SJ G6-1048SX G6-1049EJ G6-1049SJ G6-1050EC G6-1050EE G6-1050EF G6-1050EK G6-1050ET G6-1050EV G6-1050EW G6-1050EX G6-1050SE G6-1050SF G6-1050SJ G6-1050SS G6-1050ST G6-1050SV G6-1051EE G6-1051EF G6-1051EI G6-1051EK G6-1051ES G6-1051EX G6-1051SE G6-1051SF G6-1051SI G6-1051SS G6-1052EC G6-1052EE G6-1052EI G6-1052EK G6-1052ER G6-1052SC G6-1052SE G6-1052SI G6-1052SK G6-1052SS G6-1052SY G6-1053EI G6-1053EK G6-1053ER G6-1053EX G6-1053SA G6-1053SI G6-1053SS G6-1053SX G6-1054EK G6-1054ER G6-1054ES G6-1054SA G6-1055EI G6-1055EP G6-1055ER G6-1055ES G6-1055ET G6-1055EX G6-1055SI G6-1055SO G6-1055SP G6-1055ST G6-1056EI G6-1056EX G6-1056SA G6-1056SI G6-1057ER G6-1057ES G6-1058ER G6-1058SA G6-1060EC G6-1060ED G6-1060EE G6-1060EJ G6-1060EP G6-1060ES G6-1060ET G6-1060EV G6-1060SB G6-1060SD G6-1060SE G6-1060SJ G6-1060SP G6-1060ST G6-1060SV G6-1061EE G6-1061EX G6-1061SA G6-1061SE G6-1061SX G6-1062EE G6-1062SE G6-1062SX G6-1063EX G6-1063SX G6-1064ES G6-1064SS G6-1065EE G6-1065EJ G6-1065ET G6-1065SE G6-1065SP G6-1065SS G6-1065ST G6-1066EE G6-1066EX G6-1066SE G6-1066SS G6-1067EE G6-1067SE G6-1068EE G6-1068EX G6-1068SE G6-1070ED G6-1070EJ G6-1070ES G6-1070ET G6-1070EV G6-1070SB G6-1070SD G6-1070SJ G6-1070SP G6-1070SS G6-1070ST G6-1070SV G6-1071SA G6-1071SS G6-1075EJ G6-1075ER G6-1075ET G6-1075SA G6-1075ST G6-1076EI G6-1076ER G6-1076SI G6-1076ST G6-1077EI G6-1077SI G6-1077SR G6-1078ER G6-1078SI G6-1079ES G6-1079SI G6-1079SS G6-1080EA G6-1080EG G6-1080EP G6-1080ET G6-1080EV G6-1080SA G6-1080SI G6-1080SS G6-1080ST G6-1080SV G6-1081SI G6-1081SR G6-1081SS G6-1082ES G6-1082SI G6-1085EI G6-1085ES G6-1085ET G6-1085SA G6-1085SG G6-1085SI G6-1085ST G6-1086SG G6-1086SS G6-1088EA G6-1088SA G6-1090ET G6-1090SA G6-1090SP G6-1090ST G6-1093EX G6-1093SA G6-1093SX G6-1095ET G6-1095SA G6-1095SJ G6-1095ST G6-1000 G6-1206TX G6-1095SA TX G6-1000SA G6-1002SG G6-1003TX G6-1004SA G6-1004SA G6-1005TU G6-1006TU G6-1007SA G6-1007SL G6-1008TX G6-1013TU

Hp Pavilion G7-1000 G7-1000EG G7-1000EM G7-1000EO G7-1000EQ G7-1000ER G7-1000EX G7-1000SA G7-1000SG G7-1000SM G7-1000SO G7-1000SQ G7-1000SR G7-1000ST G7-1001EG G7-1001EO G7-1001ER G7-1001SG G7-1001SM G7-1001XX G7-1002EO G7-1002SA G7-1002SG G7-1003EM G7-1003EO G7-1003EZ G7-1004EM G7-1004SA G7-1005ED G7-1005EM G7-1005SD G7-1005SM G7-1005SW G7-1006EG G7-1006SG G7-1007EM G7-1007SG G7-1008EG G7-1008EM G7-1008EO G7-1009EO G7-1010EB G7-1010ED G7-1010EO G7-1010EV G7-1010SB G7-1010SD G7-1010SS G7-1010SV G7-1010SW G7-1011EO G7-1012EO G7-1015EB G7-1015EG G7-1015EV G7-1015SV G7-1017CL G7-1017SG G7-1018EZ G7-1019EG G7-1019WM G7-1020EB G7-1020EO G7-1020ES G7-1020SW G7-1021EO G7-1022EG G7-1023EG G7-1024EG G7-1025EG G7-1026SG G7-1026SR G7-1030EB G7-1030SF G7-1031EO G7-1032EO G7-1032SF G7-1033CL G7-1033EG G7-1033SG G7-1040EF G7-1040ES G7-1040SB G7-1040SF G7-1040SS G7-1042SF G7-1043SF G7-1045EF G7-1045SF G7-1046SF G7-1047SF G7-1050EC G7-1050ED G7-1050EK G7-1050SA G7-1050SF G7-1050SS G7-1051EF G7-1051SF G7-1051XX G7-1052ER G7-1053EF G7-1053ER G7-1053SF G7-1054ER G7-1054SA G7-1057SF G7-1060EB G7-1060SS G7-1062SS G7-1065ED G7-1065EP G7-1070SB G7-1070SS G7-1070US G7-1071SB G7-1073NR G7-1075DX G7-1075EB G7-1075NR G7-1076NR G7-1077EI G7-1077NR G7-1077SI G7-1077SR G7-1078NR G7-1078SR G7-1080EB G7-1080ED G7-1080ER G7-1080SB G7-1080SD G7-1080SR G7-1081NR G7-1083NR G7-1084NR G7-1085NR G7-1086EG G7-1086NR G7-1090SG G7-1091ED G7-1000 G7-1053ER G7-1222NR

Acer Aspire V5-551-8401 V5-551 E1-471 D257-1417 V5-572P-4416 5951G E1-421 E1-431 E1-431G E1-471 E1-471G M5-583P V3-431 V3-471 V3-471G V5-551 V5-551G V5-552 V5-552G V5-552P V5-552PG V5-572 V5-572G V5-572P V5-572PG V5-573 V5-573G V5-573P V5-573PG V7-581 V7-581G V7-581P V7-581PG V7-582P V7-582PG  8951G 7750 V5-552G V5-573PG V7-581 V7-581G V7-581P V7-581PG V7-582P V7-582PG 50.RHS07.009 5951G E1-421 E1-431 E1-431G E1-471 E1-471G M5-583P V3-431 V3-471 V3-471G V5-551 V5-551G V5-552 V5-552G V5-552P V5-552PG V5-572 V5-572G V3-471

Acer Aspire ONE 257 D257 D270 D271 HAPPY 2


Acer TRAVELMATE P TMP243-M TMP243-MG P243-M P243-MG 


HDD Conection Cable compatible with part numbers: DD0R11HD000 DD0R15HD000  DD0ZE6HD000 DD0R15HD000 DD0ZE6HD000 DD0R11HD000 ANR-ANR DD0ZYGHD400 110929AD01 DD0R15HD000 DD0AX6HD100 DD0AX6HD102 DD0R11HD000


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